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New release of a mini e-manual on String Programming tips!

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

I've gotten a lot of requests, in recent years, on what my approach is to String Programming, and how to get the most realistic sounding strings, on a budget, which libraries I use, and what advice and tips would I share. So, I've decided to release a short, to the point, e-manual on some of the specifics that go into my particular process. Below, is the synopsis;

String Programming: Tips for Authentic String Arrangements" is a concise and practical manual designed to help film composers and music producers create realistic and captivating string arrangements for film and TV projects.

This guide covers essential aspects, from selecting the right DAW and virtual instrument libraries to optimizing MIDI control and expression. You'll learn how to craft lush and convincing string sections by combining Spitfire libraries and incorporating solo instruments for added depth.

The manual emphasizes achieving realism through dynamics, articulations, and phrasing, with tips on emulating bowing changes and layering articulations. Additionally, you'll explore spatial placement and mixing techniques to add a natural touch to your compositions.

Ehance your film and TV music with enchanting and cinematic string melodies using the valuable insights in "String Programming: Tips for Authentic String Arrangements."

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